Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I want to be mature and sensible and be that guy who is big enough to forgive. But somehow in previous lives of being the bigger person I seemed to have created the space and filled it up with this overwhelming desire to beat someone to death with a shovel. Sorry that is the only way I know of putting it.

I cannot look past what some people do. I may not be everyone's cup of tea with regard to my demeanor and general behaviour, but good decent people deserve to be protected from the scum of this world. We cannot sit by and watch innocent people fall victim to selfish, sociopathic swines. That in my books makes us complicit in the carrying out their actions. For those with a limited capacity to comprehend words with vowels, complicit makes you as guilty as actually having carried out the act yourself.

So one particular person who only weeks ago pissed me off and whom I swore I would make every effort to make his life miserable was found dead after killing himself. He betrayed and hurt a friend of mine and she is one of those people who are innocent to the world and they should be kept that way because it keeps us heathens in check and gives us hope. So when I said to him, he should kill himself I never thought that would happen. At worst I thought he would have been beaten and stabbed in a random mugging for putting such poison out into the world. To hear he killed himself didn't fill me with anything other than the need to go into wherever people go to when they die and kill him again. I'm sorry I cannot feel sorry for someone so intent on manipulating feelings and having the last say. I am not someone who goes all religious on the subject of suicide. To be honest I couldn't care how people leave this world because there are too many fucking oxygen thieves anyway. 

Anyway I am done. I needed to get this off my chest because the anger was like a 2 tonnes weight on my chest. Like my sister in law sitting on my chest reading herself for one of those huge dumps she's famous for on deviant Internet sites.  And now I feel a little relieved. I am sorry that in this case I cannot do the right thing. I just can't and I can't do it now.

The Organ Harvester

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  1. You seem to be highly effective... Can I hire you to tell another selfish sociopathic swine to go kill himself?