Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fuck you Cricket South Africa

I sometimes watch cricket. But my love for the game disappeared when the team started choking and the politics overtook the on field performance. But their announce on behalf of Wayne Parnell that he had become Muslim actually pissed me off. To be honest, it fucked me off after 10 minutes.

Why did I get pissed off? Because Parnell becoming Muslim should not be newsworthy. Do we have special announcements that AB de Villiers is a Christian? I'm sure the general public would be curious but the CSA's announcement annoyed me. They're always fucking up. Maybe if they concentrated more on the actual game instead of raiding the pork barrel they would be more successful.

But back to the announcement. Is there a level of normal in the cricket team and anyone differing from this needs to make an assuring announcement to the public that deviating from the norm will not lead to deviancy? Will Parnell's religion make a difference to the fact that he is a cricketer? Maybe? Maybe he will leave the game to preach the good word. Who the hell knows.

CSA is a cricket governing body. As long as players perform they have no business in hosting press releases. Maybe I am just sensitive. But its a mentality that there is normal and an abnormal in society. That everything that people cannot understand needs a press conference.

So fuck you CSA. Do us all a favour and actually do your job. Run cricket successfully. Stop looking for attention because things like someone's religion doesn't require a statement you bunch of oxygen thieves.



  1. i reckon lobotomies are needed ...

  2. "Maybe I am just sensitive." - I think so.

  3. Surprised you're able to think you anonymous cunt muscle.

  4. The Organ Harvester - thanks for giving up your identity there, you twat.