Sunday, July 24, 2011

The pretentiousness of being.

Forgotten in time was the promise some of our forefathers made, to be so pimped out at every event that envy would be the new black. Have you ever wondered what drives Indian people to be so... full of shit? Everything has to have a wow factor. It has to be competitive and it has to give the illusion of being completely glam with the  air of being something you're not.

My sister in law and her equally porcine mother pulled the same stunt at my brother's wedding. But like an ADHD kid suffering from narcolepsy, all her creativity eventually had to stop because she just nodded off. It was the kind of event that a 2 year old wedding planner would have organised pumped up on sugar. But the melted ice cream is not alone. Indian people the world over lose their fucking heads when it comes to implementing what in theory should be simple. So apart from everyone trying to dress up like a bunch of Hip Hop Mogals, it has to be about finding the most stressful way of doing things. Its about being gaudy. Elegance has been taken outside, had her panties ripped off and sodomised and then given two fingers of heroin to ease the pain.

Reading updates on Facebook and Twitter about people getting ready for Ramadaan makes me want to start dry heaving. Because even the act of breaking one's fast has to resemble the treatment of an old tobacco advert. But its not about the preparedness, it just sounds like its a massive competition. Like somehow we're collectively making up for having come here in a ship. Like it wasn't pimping enough.

But what do I know, I like things to be simple and to focus on people rather than the baubles and trimmings. I think I blogged this some time ago, its like people can only define themselves by these events and being a little pretentious. Because they finally get noticed before dissolving into oblivion.

Oh well, that's my 2c worth.

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