Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Racist Muslims praying to their own god.

I want to say I am confident with who I am as a Muslim. But then again feel like a fucking alien most of the time. How can you not, you're freak value.

“Wow, a convert, we've heard so much about you.” “No shoot them in the head. Two bullets!!!”

That's not to say that all view all born Muslims as fucking swines. But I do tend to have my guard up waiting for the comments and the bullshit, idiotic, racist crap.

Yes I am a Tamil. Did the surname give it away? Well how about another give away? My shoe up your ass? That's how I feel. Like committing acts of violence. I want to scream out I hope you all get sickle cell and die you bunch of inbred cunts. I want to jump on the head of every human being claiming to be a Muslim and then hiding behind this village mentality. Why can't they be honest. Why can't they just say in the Masjids and donation sheets “For Born Muslims Only.” “This is not the drags, so take your convert and vaai.”

Its weird how you have all these people crying for the freedom of Palestine and I wonder how they they find an emotional link to people who don't come from their village. Is it the fair skin thing? I often ask myself what these people will do if someone that was white or black had to make a racist remark about these very indian people about indian people, would they call that racism? The fucking audacity.

And what about the masjids? Why haven't I seen the equivalent of the group areas act in the masjid. I mean judging by the way we practice and accept this bullshit mentality, surely it should have come to the masjids, all the people all grouped together according to race and caste and wealth and whatever reasons we have to find people acceptable and unacceptable. But off course no one has the balls to say hey we only want to be shoulder to shoulder with our caste. No one has the fucking minerals to stand up then. But they want to bring that shit when someone dares show interest in their daughter or son. Well to this bunch of racist inbred sodomy loving cock suckers, do the world a favour and swallow a bottle of sleeping pills. You make me sick and you have no place in this world, Muslim or otherwise. You make Muslims feel like second class citizens because their family tree is not a straight stick.

I am sorry if I cannot be polite or understanding. I am sorry I cannot just accept that some people are just different. Why should I be the one to understand? Why should I accommodate insecurities and racism from people too lazy, stupid and inept to understand the religion they claim to follow. They will never understand how people can choose to be Muslim and how we can convert as a conscious decision. And they will never accept us. They will continue to sideline us and make us feel like freaks and I for one and done with the apologising and excuses. My shoe, your ass.

I am not the forgiving sort. I am not understanding. And I don't see why I should be. If you understand your worship to mean bigotry and racism then so be it, but be prepared to suffer the consequences for your mentality.

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