Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thanks Mom

We grew up poor. Not dirt poor, but too poor to be able to hang out and always do what the other kids were doing. At the time it annoyed the fucking hell out of me. I hated God for making us poor and not letting my mom be able to afford all the clothes and cars and spending money other kids had. I had spending money for a few months but my mom couldn't keep up and eventually we stopped getting it. You worked for everything you wanted outside of the norm. I bought my own cellphone after I turned 21. An Ericsson 628.

Today I met a guy that I have known for almost my entire life. Local guy. And I realised how lucky I am. I am not in some forced marriage because I made some woman pregnant (BTW, I am not a father of any kids at all) I am not on drugs or booze and I don't have a criminal conviction. I am not mindlessly drunk every weekend.

Proof once again that the Good Lord gives you what you need, not what you want. I survived being poor and sure I am not rich but I am glad to have clawed my way here to where I am. off course no one does it on their own. There are too many people on the way who saw some potential and I am glad for the chance. But I have to say that I am grateful for a mother who cared enough to smack me for being cheeky when I was young. I might have complained how unfair it all was but my mother didn't feel bad about shit. There is nothing wrong with being poor and complaining about it was a sign of a lack of class in her eyes - *smack*

I am very happy that my life seems to be progressing at a rate and in a direction that I could never have imagined and I am sort of glad that life wasn't handed to me on a platter. Gives you new appreciate.

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