Saturday, July 16, 2011

Words can sometimes say nothing at all.

I don't send messages asking for forgiveness on auspicious nights. In fact over the years I have come to hate that word only because I have come to view the recycled texts in a suspicious light. Why now after all this time is it important to ask for forgiveness or Maaf? OK so I sound a little bit like a dick, but lets look at elements of a Big Night text message (mobile, Facebook, BBM message etc)
1. Forgiveness
2. Intention or the absence thereof
3. Occasion

Lets walk the back the cat and start with
3. Occasion
Just because its an auspicious night, no need for you to remember to be human because you just realised that God is watching. If you only ever apologise and ask for forgiveness on these events when the collective consciousness is promoting the "event" you my esteemed friend, are a douche bag of the highest order.

2. Intention or the absence thereof

Asking for forgiveness is a sign of humility and humility. But if you intentionally harm someone do you wait till a single point in the year and then blanket apologise like you're applying for tax amnesty? Shouldn't you ask for forgiveness when you do the stupid thing? That's more sincere than this last minute Christmas shopping thing. Secondly if you did something unintentional should you be asking for forgiveness? Its unintentional, meaning its without malice and therefore the "victim" shouldn't be harbouring any ill feelings. FFS!!! Buy a dictionary if you struggle with meaning of the English words in your forwarded message.


We all need to be forgiven, but when we ask it on a night like this, do we really want it and do we really give it? I know plenty of people who phone and ask and still behave like swines. They do it when they go to Mecca and there is no actual change in behaviour so I ask, is asking for maaf just another dog an pony show?

Sincerity is lacking in most of these messages. I hate receiving them because the people I have in my circle are not douchebags and had they done something to me I would have told them to fuck off. That's just how I roll.
Islamic occasions have been Hallmarked since everyone found a way to access the Internet and own a SMS and WAP enabled cellphone. Remember those dot matric picture messages you would receive before? I suppose its good that some people actually take the effort to, but I won't because if I did ask for maaf from anyone tonight I would feel like a fraud and I would doubt whether you would think I was being sincere. And when it comes to asking for forgiveness I don't want anyone to feel obligated under the threat of eternal damnation. You must want to do it, you must express it in your intention, not duress. For me Islam is a practical religion. Its less magical old man in the sky with long white beard and more honest in its application. I'm too simple minded to understand the intricacies of forwarded messages. I just won't do it. I don't see the point. And I think its slightly retarded. I'm sorry.

make me maaf if anything in this post offended you intentionally or unintentionally.
You're really awesome.
Its not you, its me.
We just want different things.

Getting the picture? I love you all though.

The Organ Harvester

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