Monday, August 22, 2011

God hates us all (especially women)

If martians ever took a wrong turn and landed in the Northern parts of SA around the time of Eid, they would think all Muslim people worship some woman hating deity. Well that’s if they landed amongst the Indians. Indians complicate things like you cannot believe. And with all due respect, to the different schools of thought on the matter, I cannot for the life of me understand why we have this massive discrepancy in the practical elements of the religion.

I personally don’t see the problem with women going for the Eid day prayers. But then that is just me. In East London which has become predominantly Tabligh, provision is made for women, although the numbers have dropped over the years, the provision is there. Because somehow we established a long time ago, Eid salaah is more than just cultural bias. But I could stretching it a bit.

The other side of the argument, and ladies forgive me here, but stop giving so much of a fuck about going to Eid Salaah. Don’t go where you’re not wanted. Don’t start up Facebook groups called hate the penis, we’re going. Instead, find communities that are not inbred and bigoted. Because honestly no matter how many radio shows are hosted, no matter how many verses are quoted or how much evidence is led, some people will only see or hear what they want. Quoting scripture has no advantage because for these people, the mere suggestion that women should be allowed to leave the home and celebrate Eid like the men is an affront to their sensibilities. Its challenges everything they have been raised to believe and accepting that is OK, will shake their belief system.

I hate to say this but being Indian and Muslim is like trying to put a fire out with petrol. On the one side we have Islam, on the other we have this obligation to Indian culture which is more or less centred on the control of women. You can justify anything in terms of God says so and it becomes law if you are selective over which texts you choose to promote.

East London is a predominantly Malay community which means they tend to not beat around the bush and get to the point. To those women who are looking for an Eid Salaah to attend, I would suggest, find a community outside of the traditional, what-will-they-say communities. Some place where worshipping is more important than petty politics driven by small penis syndrome.

The OH

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