Sunday, August 14, 2011

I am not prone to getting all religious. I find quoting scriptures or inspirational texts kind of douchey. And presumptuous. Even the religious scholars have my very limited attention. Firstly because I feel religion and worship is a very personal thing. I think we should respect everyone's right to worship God in a way that makes sense to them. We can take it inspirational stories but I always remember the paths people travel are specifically for them and no one's life is a recipe for your personal success.

Ramadaan has never been a pleasant time for me. I usually start it off with all the best intentions and then after a week it all goes pear. Or so my experience has been. So at the start of each Ramadaan I sucked up and waited. But its good the last two years where I have felt really blessed. Yesterday was very testing and things didn't happen as I wanted but it did light a fire under me. Sometimes you get what you were expecting and sometimes you get something better for you.

I pitched a movie yesterday and the train smash started from Friday night. I was intimidated by the actual other guys presenting. But you know you're winning your audience when arms become uncrossed, people lean forward and start clapping like you just performed some amazing piece of art.

Writing is my passion. Its my form of expression. I don't profess to be the best writer. There are so many more talented writers out there. But I have this intense goal in my life and I needed yesterday to remind me to push. I knew yesterday that the producers couldn't afford the pitch. It wasn't that it was just over priced and I was being unreasonable, it was just the nature of the story. Hope has been restored and my motivation has been restored as well.

So keep watching this space. This blog is where it all started and I cannot wait for it all to fall into place.


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