Saturday, August 13, 2011

I like money. I want so much money that a nod of my head can change the lives of people. I also want to have a car collection that would make a rapper envious. I'm shallow like that.

Do I think money is a good substitute for a personality? No. I'm not just saying that. I have been there, had some money, lost it all and spent the last 5 years clawing my way back up. Money is a buffer, people can buy things, but when people start looking at money as something they're entitled to or worse as an aspect of personality I become completely turned off from them. Like can't stand them after that. In my mind I find their thinking to be so primitive and well limited. Its like buying one of those microscopic kits from the toy store. Its merely entertainment. You can't take that seriously. And that is how I treat people easily amused or distracted by trinkets. I sound a little condescending. I apologise but I am noticing a trend, especially amongst Indian people and specifically amongst more and more Indian women. This expectation that they're entitled to...

Maybe Fight Club had it right all along and we thought it was as a product of the US consumer driven society that it would never touch us, but look around. People list shopping as an activity. In the grand contribution to humanity, shopping is the equivalent of the dirt ring around your bath tub after a homeless person has had a soak.

That's just my opinion and maybe I am jealous because I always wanted to define my personality by my sense of bling presence. I could give less of a fuck what people have. I am very happy for people who achieve financial and material success but it pisses me off when folk tend to differentiate themselves and see themselves as special by the size of their bank accounts. Oh look that person is not wearing a brand is a popular joke. But as they used to say in Russia when the Tzars still ruled, "we'll come take our bread from you." OK it sounds a lot more menacing in Russian.

People who cover themselves with the superficial are completely unaware of the world around them. Oblivious. Men and women who choose to only surround themselves with the rich people of this world have nothing to offer me. I have no reason to desire any association.

The OH

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