Thursday, August 25, 2011

It never is what it seems

Human beings are so fragile. So guarded. Its always about not putting yourself out there before the next person does. I do it. It takes a remarkable woman for me to be completely honest and say how I feel. I wish I was more like that, not caring what other people think or what other people say more often. But that is the human condition unfortunately. People are susceptible to being people.

But I give much less of a crap about what people think about me and about living up to expectations. Its all a lot of pressure keeping up with expectations. That's because people with expectations are never actually involved in the practical elements of living up to those expectations and if you try keeping up, you'll only wear yourself thin being someone you're not.

So here is my question: how much does what someone else think about you matter in the image you project? Are you content? Don't you just feel constipated? Why do you worry so much about what people think? Do you feel you deserve to be thought of the way and being yourself might put that at risk?

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