Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadaan day 1

I have been avoiding and sometimes deleting people online that get super religious during Ramadaan. Being a Muslim you expect to fast for at least 30 days every year like how you plan to sip orange juice at a function because people didn’t cater halaal. Its part of life.
I don’t advocate major changes and making grand gestures to show your Muslim-ness. I think it is a sign of hypocrisy. I think you should be humble, keep it personal, not some pageant show for the world to see your alleged faith or whatever you want to call it.
This year I would just like to get through the fast without reaching the last day and feeling like I didn’t worry about myself enough during this time. I was thinking about fasting and I realised its one of the few times when we are forced to be selfish. We are reduced to our base desires and we have to find our own special way of dealing with it.
Hunger, lust, thirst, - all these make us aware of how fragile we are. The beauty of it comes in digging beyond all of these to recognise the humanity in people. Recognising the agony of hunger. Recognising that we are indeed capable of being better than animals.
Off course what do I know. I mean my total experience is about people spending entire salaries on clothing that is meant to show adherence to Islam but with that hint of pimping (By hint I mean the sort of subtlety you would associate with getting hit in the face with a show shovel.)
Last year I had a surprisingly good Ramadaan. My Ramadaan’s go badly most times. And then I give up. Try again next year. Because as old as I am I thought it was all these things talk about. Then I realise that it’s not about whose wearing a scarf or not, or whose wearing kurta or not, who shaves or who grows their beard. Its personal and fasting can mean different things and impact us in different ways.
To however you choose to observe Ramadaan, may you find fulfilment and a better understanding at the end.


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