Friday, August 19, 2011

The revolution cometh

After reading this article from @RubyGold's tweet feed I was appalled to say the least. Beyond the obvious arrogance of government and their basic ineptitude to deliver services or rather allow services for those that can afford it, it has to be asked, how long until the ANC regime is rounded up and executed by its electorate (including me) in a violent revolution.

The ANC is not a party of the people for the people by the people. Its a capitalist and greedy body of pork barrel raiders intent on squeezing as much as they can from the general public as they can.

Statements like those made signify many things. Firstly this government has lost the authority to rule. Secondly the government are using the law to enforce economic servitude. In short they lack legitimacy. And when the people have been squeezed enough and the government cannot take away any more, then people like the honourable Minister is in trouble. Because all those tarred roads will not help.

I don't buy the argument that Government says we built it therefore you must pay principle. As far as I am concerned the government has failed to hold to account the massive irregular expenditure within its own ranks. Tax payers pay for much and government does not deliver and now expects to squeeze more money from the public, for doing its job? Sbu Ndebele needs a reality check. Because it is not the people who work for government but the government who work for the people. The people are entitled to enjoy the fruit of their labour not just prop up professional arse suckers. That's what politicians are. They couldn't lead a prayer nevermind the people.

But rant aside, this sort of behaviour, arrogance will definitely lead to the rise of a dictator. someone who is in touch with the needs of the people. Who will endear himself and be given free reign to rule this country as he pleases. Then you watch the fireworks. The Sbu Ndebeles of the world are privileged and incompetent in their positions. They are kept dogs and will as such snap and snarl to support the hand that feeds them.

The big question everyone should be asking is where all the money is going. Since the Minister has positioned the argument as such, will he be prepared to make these figures available?

I would suggest that gauteng drivers pay the extra 10c and not buy the tag. Give them enough admin, query each charge, and bring legal anarchy to this new cash cow and show up the good Minister for the incompetent, malevolent greedy swine he is. Bring the system to a grinding hault. Use every legal means to tear it down. Registering for the tags will just add to the coffers of some private company. Let them scan your tags and let them bill you. Then query every charge.

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