Thursday, September 8, 2011

The mechanic and the cashier

Call me a soft cock romantic but the guy at the bus stop made me smile this morning. He is a mechanic and his wife works as a cashier. And every morning he walks his wife, past the bus stop, a further 2km down to Spar where she works and walks back.

He doesn’t have to. But he does it because it’s his wife. Like the other day his wife hid his cellphones in a jealous rage. He just laughed it off. When he came home he brought supper. When his wife came home, expecting a fight or argument, supper was served. I had to laugh to myself.
He went on to explain that when his wife is in a mood, he keeps his cool because it doesn’t help anyone if both people are upset. He says when he is angry his wife does the same for him, he says that way whatever is bugging them passes quickly instead of prolonging the disagreement.

Take that Dr. Phil.

I had my eyes opened today. I seldom find people that show real feelings for the other they claim to love. More like material interest, like relationships are similar to colonialism and the object is to make enough before the natives grow restless or resources are exhausted. This man is different and it’s like you get the message from the one place you least expected to.

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  1. This was beautiful to read in a world of superficial declarations and complaints