Monday, October 10, 2011

Don't be afraid, we be Muslim.

If by the standards of @lauramzy on Twitter, a good human being is measured, then I am glad that I am one of the worst. The kind of hate spewed by someone with an obvious axe to grind against every Muslim, made me glad that I am of the non-continuing pass variety of Muslim.

She has obviously suffered and therefore stripped of all sense of reasonableness.

But what I am completely sick and tired of doing is apologising for being a Muslim. Because an accusation against Muslims is an accusation against me and I am, to put it bluntly, sick to fucking death of telling people to not panic, I am the friendly sort and keep my hands where they can see it without making any sudden movement.

I feel like swearing. Sure I should take the higher ground. I should be the better person. But when cunts like this attack a group of people because what some arseholes do then I become annoyed and unforgiving. Laura  goes on to point out that the Quran is laden with references amounting to encouraging violence. Being a good Christian she conveniently forgets that her own bible is dripping with violent calls to action. But this is not a tit for tat game. Because I could not give a fuck what a biggot like her thinks. The problem is that it cannot be ignored. Because it grows. So as a Muslim we have to continuously be defending ourselves. We are not terrorists, we are not here to bleed you and I am frankly sick and tired of it. Because if it is OK for Christians to walk around without a disclaimer that they will not slaughter and rape and pillage because we are infidels, then surely they should have the capacity to apply that mentality to everyone? Apparently not.

The only problem in worshipping God is the fact that Humans are involved. We turn the act of worship into a bloody affair and then with dripping bloody fingers point out each other's faults with "evidence" As for the Laura swine. If I had to suggest that you deserved a smack with a sledgehammer, I would be accused of being just another Muslim, blood thirsty and driven to rape the world of all that is good.

So all that I can say, Hey Laura, have a few drinks and drive home.

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