Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gonna get me a white man

Well not me. But apparently that is the thinking of all women of colour according to... men of colour. Weird that. Anyway I say it is about time that women of colour catch up and join men of colour who have desired or at least rubbed one out to a white woman.

Why am I talking about race? Because it is absurd and the longer we pretend it has some significance, the long it will be like an albatross.

A few of my friends are in mixed race relationships, either married or or in a relationship. From male perspective there seems to be this "they've taken our women" philosophy. Like it is unnatural. Even the Census forms stipulate that you need to fit into one of the boxes. I caused some shit on Facebook when I asked if it was the dream of every Indian women to find a white husband. I expect to be unfriended or blocked in the vest least. *Chuckle*

Sometimes it isn't a case of just 2 people falling in love, it's people with different motives and agendas. Like the Indian women who firmly believe that white is alright. For me that is kind of disturbing how we can make such an important decision like who we want to bump uglies with forever based on race. The irony is that for those people intent on proving their un-Indianness, it is a very Indian way of thinking: I present the following evidence:-
1. Caste system
2. Fairness of skin (Also known as being very fiiirrr)

For many Indians, men and women (lately more women) it is about the status. Apartheid babies still looking for validation. The problem comes in that we all know about this play white types and then we cast aspersions on those couples genuinely in love. Mixed race shouldn't be a problem in this day and age when we are all well aware that there are arseholes of different races. But maybe that is just me. I don't give a fuck about skin colour. I don't give a shit about race. I have gotten into lots of trouble for my failure to consider the unsameness of people I have dated. It has never been about race. Although in my old age I am a little proud of my heritage and skin colour. It is who I am and I not going to waste my energy pretending otherwise.

Yes Indian men can be a bucketful of watery shit sometimes, but, not all Indian men are the same like not all Indian women are the same. Like I find myself constantly having to defend myself because of the perception of Indian men. And this is me giving a fuck...

If you want true happiness, maybe you should be searching for it. Good people don't have specific races or skin tones and certain bank balances. If you chase after these things you will get bored of these novelties and be left with all those things you chose to ignore.

So tell me: Do Indian women have the sole objective of finding a white husband. Discuss and substantiate. Your time starts now.


  1. Definitely not. From my observations, it appears most people (of all races) want to stay within their race groups.

    It's relatively easy for an Indian girl to get a white guy. But only a few will venture forth. With Muslims, religion is mostly always the deal-breaker.

  2. Want to really hit the sore spot. Talk about choosing someone on the other side of fairness. It's just not comprehensible to the indian people I bring up this topic with.

  3. As a little girl, I was somehow given the impression that my cousin was prettier than I because she was fair, whereas I was a little brown girl. Obviously older now and this is no longer a problem for me. I love my brown skin, it's warm and rich & goes well with pink. Your question: Do Indian woman have the sole objective of finding a white husband? No. However, we consider (may I say fantasize about) it. What's not to like? I was once told that a white man would be more likely to help around the house as opposed to an Indian one. Possibly true but all a matter of how you grew up. If household chores were equally doled out to both boys and girls, irrespective of race, that boy would grow up knowing that helping around the house is not just "women's work" & that he wouldn't die if he washed up after a meal occasionally or even put on a load of clothes to wash. It's difficult mowing down that hill of prejudice and indoctrination that we were surrounded with growing up but we get older and our minds are exposed to other thoughts and view points and out of that is borne the ability to differentiate & make up our own minds.