Saturday, October 1, 2011

It uses the sign post to hit itself.

I have never been one for the signs, nor have I paid attention to the signs.  Well I try not to, you will have to judge for yourself if you actually know me in real life. On Wednesday I received a lovely letter from my potential publishers that they would not be able to publish my second book.

On Friday morning there was a white rabbit sitting my parking space. Now nothing strange about seeing a white rabbit right? Consider that A) all the rabbits at this complex are brown or beige and then consider the title of said rejected book.

I moved to a new apartment. A day long affair and I am practically broken. My feet hurt like hell and I finally consider myself a man, not a young man. But back to the signs. The signs are whatever you want them to be. Right now I am gonna thumb my nose at fate and be like everyone else - selfish.
There is no longer right and wrong, just shades of right and shades of wrong.

I don't know about signs, sometimes they're signs, sometimes they're just coincidence. You create value.

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