Friday, October 14, 2011

Thank God I dodged that bullet

When a relationship ends, it's pretty bad for everyone involved. Assuming everyone is still human at the break up. Some people are heartless shells resembling human beings. And at that time no one has the right words to comfort you and your future is like a black hole, you can't see life beyond the them that is no longer there.

But years later you look at things and you raise your hands, look for a young lamb to slaughter and give thanks. Because you realise that you were dumb, that the break up was the best thing ever and the person was just going to make your life suck. I've looked at my past and I would try kicking my own arse at how stupid I was.

I dodged that bullet. That is my immediate reaction to seeing some people from my past. Thanks Big Guy. Always got my back.

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