Friday, October 21, 2011

We lack humanity

Watching the cellphone video of Muammar Gaddafi’s capture has left a horrible sense of the slow disintegration of humanity.

How can we feel just in condemning a tyrant when the captors behave like tyrants. How can the likes of the US and the UK celebrate a freedom born from such barbarism.
Before anyone accuses me of supporting a tyrant such as Gadaffi let me say that I believe he should have been held to trial. A man guilty of such atrocities over such a long period of time should have to face charges, should have to stand trial and answer for his actions before his people. He shouldn’t be martyred  because a few children with guns got carried away.

We saw it with Saddam Hussein, Mubarak of Egypt (Although he is still alive for now) and with the alleged death of Osama bin Laden.  A complete disregard for any vague notion of human rights. And yet the West hails it as victory, a victory for whom? For imperialism? For the eradication of former despots propped up by the CIA? Supported for years I guess it’s the proverbial night of long knives.

Obama, celebrated for supposedly offering an alternative to the Bush administration showed talent for manufactured truth or selective truth. “The people of Libya called.” No Barack you evil swine, your benefactors called and said they wanted a piece of Libya, would you please oblige. Hey Barack, slavery is over, you don’t have to behave like a houseboy for your masters. People all around the world are suffering under the tyranny of despotic rulers, where is the US and the rest of the West?

What has happened in the Arab states has nothing to do with democracy. It has nothing to do with Freedom and it certainly has nothing to do with Justice. It is Neo-Colonialism. It is subjugation of people for the sake of building another fucking Macdonalds, or another Levis store or Cineplex showing the latest Brad Pitt movie. It’s a new market and the new leaders do not care about Gaddafi’s victims. They’re too busy playing with the trinkets of their new bosses.

In the end Gaddafi died the way he lived. It doesn’t make it right. And if we condone the manner in which he was captured and murdered then we are no better than the tyrants we seek to condemn. There is a distinction between civilisation and barbarism which has become blurred. Seeing those clips on Al Jazeera and CNN brought home the reality, that human beings are a long way from enlightenment and civilisation.

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