Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The world owes you nothing.

Maybe it is a sign of pride or arrogance, but perception of arrogance is merely a reflection of your own insecurities, or so the theory goes. First things first, I will not make a scene unless I completely lose it and then you must understand I am contemplating murder. Well actually it is more like how will I get rid of the body. The possibility of murder was never under discussion.

I try to make everyone happy. But if they're not happy and act like petulant children, please do not expect me to be the type of person to come and ask you what's wrong and how I can help you feel better about yourself. I refuse to grovel. I sometimes bring out the worst in people. Not intentionally. But there are folks out there that feel that they have beat me. Competitively. I do not care.

As for material gain. By all means, if that is how you define yourself. It is not how I define myself. And frankly I am fucking tired of the materialistic competitive nature of people who are overly ambitious and under talented and believe the world owes them something. If you want something for every deed you do, attach an invoice for every supposed good deed. Or don't do it.

Secondly if you attach a price to everything, remember my philosophy, I will gladly pay you to disappear. I see it as an investment in my future.

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