Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I have been pissed off lately. The passive aggressive comments. The bullshit attitude. Today I reached out to someone once close to me. For no reason than it had to be done. This person is a part of who I am. And their stupidity caused my pride and my anger to completely go out of control. And for what? So I could deal with one ungrateful person with a sense of entitlement? For what? Because the world owes them something?
That is another story.

Anyway, my point was that I needed to make things right with him. Not because I am obliged to but because I have a choice and it has been weighing down on me. And because those "who poison my brothers" are no officially on borrowed time. I am angry with myself and my heart is broken when I realise how far removed from the situation I am. I have lost contact and people that were once close to me, who once gave everything when I had none, it is time that I look to be the one to mend ways. Pride is a horrible thing. We let it get between us and allow others to add to our burden, for what?

So as much as I am trying to be decent I plan to be merciless on those who have been degenerate pieces of shit.

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