Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let me love you

I was watching 500 Days of Summer. Every guy, no matter how cool he is had or even has a Summer. I had several. It is kind of dumb thinking about it now. But what no one ever tell you is to be able to differentiate between the real deal and practice.

One thing I don’t think anyone should have do is settle. People do that. Sometimes all the rejection or chasing after what they desire amounts to nil so people settle down with what is attainable, what is mentally affordable. I find my stomach twisting just thinking about the concept. As one friend put it, “she married a real frog”

I am not married yet but I would like to hold a few ideals close. Like I don’t want to turn around and see that person lying next to me, smelling their death breath and drool soaked pillow and think dear Lord make the engine of a small plane fall through the roof and kill me know. Some cheat and stay married, some people get divorced. Some people stay married and like a nuclear explosion kill everything around them.
I was thinking about settling. Not about doing it, but why people do it. Maybe happiness is not priceless, maybe happiness has a best before date and before those imagined futures turn yellow and curl at the corners like old black white photos it is time to fit something in there and quite being fussy.

Maybe heartbreak means it is code 03 and well we take what we can get just so we’re not confined to some emotional and societal scrap heap. Who the hell knows. 
People also marry for money which is more respectable than street walking. Apparently, but if you marry for money you’re just a more expensive hooker.

But back to Summer. At the point where I was told that I was not the one God wanted, the one that wasn’t the right race for her family because I might turn racist against her or the one who said she wanted to do the arranged marriage to please her parents I thought the world would suck forever. Even when the one said she couldn’t marry because I was too nice to be made to wait I thought, maybe I am too fussy. Surely I could not be that jinx. But life has a weird way of telling you think afterwards, only if you’re willing to listen.
Everyone should find that person who will love them for them, for all their swearing, for their funny hair, for their snoring in their sleep, for all their value and for all their perceived defects. It is unfortunate that the world has become so broken that love and life and happily ever after can be quantified. We can overlook anything for the right reason, the right price, the right benefit.
One day it might be over, one day might never come.


  1. Sometimes people settle because they want to love someone too much. And hope to be loved.
    Sometimes they settle because of loneliness, because of circumstance, because of creeping age. Sometimes they realise that not everyone's life is a movie, and that some romances are built, not born. Sometimes even settling can have a happy ending.

  2. I love this movie. Last year I found my Summer. Within two weeks he told me he thinks I could be 'The One' I thought the same. 3 months later I was in love for the first time. A month after that, it was over. His mum didn't approve of me because I'm older.

    Exactly 1 year ago (on this day) it all began. Today he told me he's dating someone-who's my age. Two months ago he dated a friend of mine, also my age. I was upset then, but by now I've moved on. I'm 100% over him. So when he told me, I didn't feel hurt, but rather I wished him well.

    I don't regret what we had, but I do feel now he's not the man I thought he was. I'm glad he & I are friends, but I've lost respect for him.

    I always thought I'd love only once, truly, that there wouldn't be any mistakes. At first that was the most difficult part to come to terms with-thinking it was all a mistake. But it wasn't. It was a lesson God deemed I should learn. And I trust in God's Will Who Knows what's best.