Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The absurdity of being

These days I am embarrassed to put my hand up and say that I am Muslim. As badass as I think I am I realised even I have boundaries. And no I am not embarrassed by the anti-Islamic rhetoric. It's the fact that every time you hear of some corrupt activity you will find some Muslim person with all 10 fat fingers and all 10 fat toes in it.

But let's forget the business side of things. Muslim marriages. I'm going to be blunt and say this, Muslim people get married for all the wrong reasons. And Indian Muslims - you need to fucking choose, culture or religion but you can't have both. I see too many woman, young girls encouraged into marriage because there is a hadith that says we should never delay marriage, salaah and burying the dead. I don't think we should be too literal and the good Lord intended us to use some common sense. We don't just read Salaah, we take the time to ensure we are prepared to read. So why in the hell does it seem compus to let daughters marry some guy after a month? Do we not take the institution of marriage seriously? Or do we just concern ourselves with the idea of a wedding and of achieving some sort of status? It's an Indian thing. Hardly anyone gives a fuck about the day after the wedding.

And then there is the way in which husbands and wives treat each other after they're married. It's like the Christmas puppy. It's so cute until there is shit to clean up. We encourage our daughters to suck it up when they encounter abuse in the marriage that it is all a part of getting to know the person because there is some shame in a woman speaking out. Her speaking out endangers the existence of the marriage. Because divorced women are less than one eyed lepers in our communities.

And I ask myself how in the blue fuck is this even Islamic. I don't profess to be a good human being let alone a good Muslim but it is getting harder and harder to proudly stick my hand up. Not because I will get labelled a terrorist but because I will be grouped together with the bunch of bigoted, racist, sexist myopic swines corrupting a way of life.

If you are seriously marrying someone after a few months of knowing them then you need a stiff smack called Wake Up Call. It takes years to get to know anyone. But most people can put on a good act as long as it suits them. You don't want to fly blind. And dear Muslim people, register your marriage and get an antenuptial contract. Yes you're in love and you're getting that 50% imaan discount but think about it seriously. What we don't need are more people abused and broken and left to put the pieces back together themselves.

Maybe I am just venting.

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