Thursday, December 8, 2011

The chocolate bar disappears in the mits she calls hands and I wonder to myself how my brother hasn’t developed a drinking habit by now or at least a socially acceptable pain killer addition when he thinks about sleeping next to that.
I make a face and my mother asks me what’s wrong. I look constipated. I am wondering if the clenching is related to the image in front of me of the living cabbage doll molesting the chocolate bar with her mouth. Suggestive? Not even my imagination dare cross those boundaries.
And I think back to the time when were kids and my brother had taste. I remember him “liking” Kylie Minogue. I look at the current representation of his romantic aspirations and I wonder if we should send a search party down her oesophagus to search for the diminutive artist. My sister in law does have an appetite. Even now the thought of using the term sister in the word sister in law makes me want to scrub myself with a wire brush.
That is pretty much how my year started. Some venom spit my direction from my brother. And the gloves came off. Fat people can be nice people. She is obviously the exception to the rule. And as I have watched my family rip apart at the seams I can help but look at the rotund faecal smelling cretin and consider her role in this. The power struggle of the wedding where she was left to her own devices and and delivered a shambacle of an event. The manipulative portrayal of the truth and the attempt to control everyone and everything.
The question is can I continue to leave the situation to fester to the depths it has this year and then I remember. I have no responsibility for this. You cannot protect people from their own stupidity. And well I feel like the need to always be responsible for other people is long over. I am tired and exhausted. Duty and responsibility works both ways but the abhorrent practice is to claim what is owed to them in terms of obsolete custom instead of complying with your obligation.
I am fucking tired and exhausted. And  I have drawn the line in the sand. Go and do what you want, but these are the consequences and there is no negotiation here. Maybe I am unreasonable but once you don’t trust someone that is the approach to everything.

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