Monday, January 16, 2012

Do you get a lot of this: You call the person a douche bag but on Facebook you can't wait to be their BFF? I can't go into too much detail without someone thinking this is about them. Surely though if you don't like someone, and you say enough bad things about them you wouldn't want to associate with them in real life? Or am I just too naive? I find that quality with social climbers a lot. They tend to:

*Blow their own trumpet by name dropping, exaggerating their activities and trying to be the centre of attention
*They tend to bad mouth people to people who would be receptive. Then reverse and repeat. Social currency is cheaper than the Zim Dollar.

I don't know what causes them to be so ... fake but I can say this much, it needs to stop. I know deep down in the shallow hearts of these folks, they're actually good people. But something needs to give. Because I often wonder when you're done with them what on earth do you say about me.

We can only pray for these shallow mother fuckers.

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