Sunday, January 8, 2012


I am not the most proficient person when it comes to aspects of the Quraan related to specific injunctions. I have never come across this but maybe someone could help. I am looking for the particular sections dealing with marrying a revert, what section of hell people end up in for reverting to Islam and the level of status for those born in the faith.

OK so I am taking the piss a bit. But that would be considered a valid question if in fact that logic was tolerated. I do not. Some people say well as a revert you have more respect because you chose Islam. I am probably the worst Muslim in the world. I never pray on time, I talk to God at odd times and my pants fall well below my ankles. (I blame 90’s Gangsta Rap for shaping my dress sense).

Once again this past weekend I was confronted with the extreme prejudice some born Muslims have towards reverts. And all the magic of the past fell out onto the floor. It’s ugly and I promised myself never ever to try and be reasonable with those sorts of people.

A)     I do not buy this whole “it’s old fashioned and it is how we think.” If you have ever used a cellphone, electricity or modern medicine, then your old fashioned tendencies are relative. You choose what to be old fashioned about. Therefore your excuse is simple bullshit.

B)      It affected my own belief system when those incidents happened. Knowing I would never actually fit in and therefore my sense of community and belonging would never actually materialise. I won’t every join a Muslim collective and be a part of the collective. But I will not have my faith muddied by a few racists.

I don’t see why I should be tolerant of people who are deliberately backward and who see nothing wrong with their racist words or their ideologies. If say for instance a person of another race made a derogatory statement towards them, they would shout racism but because they can look down their noses at people who have opted to be Muslim, they think it is OK? Seriously?

I have said this before and this probably won’t be the last time either because there are so many people not willing to let go of their baseless prejudice. So when you scream for Palestine and demand freedom, do you ever consider how other less glamorous Muslims are treated? How you can look down and attack Muslims in your own country? Hypocrisy much?

What if one day we walked into a Masjid and there were separate safs for different races and you had to stand there based on your race? It’s the same mentality that causes the racist alleged Muslims of the world to go into panic when their daughters and sons propose marrying reverts. So why should that be wrong? I think people should just come out and say what they’re about.  Be honest and tell people that you’re a Muslim but you pray to your own God that doesn’t tolerate all this inter-mingling between races etc. But people don’t have the guts to come out and say that. It’s easier to be a coward and do cowardly things and then when the shit hits the fan ask for maaf like a get out of jail card.

I am very angry at the moment. I am angry at the rumour mongering, the spinelessness of the people and the delusions of being a Muslim. The reality of being a revert is that you will always be questioned. People always need some quality assurance as if you’re some second class human being. But no one ever questions a born Muslim. And that pisses me off. That makes so angry that I fly into this rage and all reasonableness flies out of the window. I won’t be reasonable and I will not be understanding. 

I am not feeling sorry for myself. I am just pissed off. And I refuse to be apologetic. If you can’t accept it and make excuses for it like that’s just how old fashioned you are, then you deserve what you get.

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