Friday, January 20, 2012

If you don't like animals

You can honestly go and fuck yourself with a broken bottle. Some people get pets, some people don't. Some people can't understand why people look after their animals. I can't understand how they can permit unlicenced breeding especially when you consider what a piece dumb doos shit some folks are.

OK so I am a little pissed off. Mainly because animals can't speak for themselves, and because animals/our pets committed some grave sin they have been stuck with us, Humans to speak for them. Sure pet owners go a little "tilt" over their precious members of the family, but what I found is that pet owners are honest, we have been taught by our pets to understand what unconditional love is, that it's not always necessary to open your mouth to express yourself and that life's simplicities are undervalued.

This week the vet said that my dog should be put down. She lived a good life but her legs are damaged. German Shepherds are known for suffering with hind leg problems as they get older. What is odd is that although she is not as active as she once was, she didn't have a problem until late last week. She is otherwise healthy so why on earth don't vets offer a solution other than the needle of death. I've had to put dogs down before. One had cancer and it broke me. He was one of those gentleman dogs. Never cried, never moaned. He was an adopted pet after his owners had decided to get rid of him because he was too old. Even as they took him his away he maintained this air about him.

Hearing that my dog was a hopeless case broke me in half. If you can't understand how an animal can have more value in your life than a relative then don't ask. Luckily for me I have a decent memory and remembered a former client who works with animals. It might not be much, but it's hope. That's all we can ask for. Besides my dog is strong, healthy and if her legs are the problem then we can sure as hell find a way to get her better.

Dogs have taught me that you can't trust someone who doesn't respect life. People who go around beating up animals and shooting them and abusing them because they think that makes them tough stuff are one step away from karma's steel cap boot.

So can I ask that you please say a prayer for my dog and that she pulls through. I don't usually ask for this sort of thing but this is out of my hands now.



  1. Sterkte. Both you and your dog are in my prayers. Beautiful patience for you and complete health for her.

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