Saturday, February 4, 2012

Anonymous – we need them

The irony of the rise of the group #Anonymous is that now more than every we as the public, as the proletariat need to speak up and out against the increasing attempts by government to regulate society. As the US pushes for the spread of democracy, more statutes are passed by paranoid bureaucrats aimed at monitoring, controlling our actions as a society.

Anonymous have leaked documents, secrets as a show of what is possible when you mix a little anarchy into the controlled and acceptable mix that has come to symbolise society. Lines between globo-corps and government are becoming increasingly blurred. People sent to jail for commercial “crimes” like piracy, men in uniforms sent to their deaths or to carry out the deaths of others are commended as freedom blankets economic greed by a few men and women who believe everyone else is here to fulfil a role. To make a few people rich.

I have read #Anonymouse described as agents of chaos. Yes they are. Maybe chaos is what we need. We don’t care anymore. The kleptocracy is so vast, so deep, who has the energy for dealing with robots who insist they’re just following the rules. Are these rules even just?

George W. sent men and women into war in Iraq based on the fact that he had proof that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. When no weapons were found, and he was shown to have lied, was he held to account? Not only for the deaths of the Iraqis but also US servicemen who were sent there by him? And for what? So that a few conglomerates could get US contracts to rebuild Iraq? So they bribe their way into war only so they can get it back in rebuilding contracts.

This is the level of immorality that we have come to live with as acceptable. If this is order then a strong dose of chaos is in order to restore our humanity. We have to get to the point where government is afraid of its electorate again. Not the other way around. A government which would seek to control the actions of its people through draconian laws is a government not serving the interests of its people. Unfortunately, there is not a government in the world which can be said to serve its people in their best interests.

Hopefully #Anonymous serves as a reminder of the power of the people. That Government is our servant and should fear us. That taxation is not a source of enrichment for a select few and an election is not an elevation to immunity.

Do your bit to support Anonymous. 

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