Saturday, February 18, 2012

I have to let the evil out

I try not to get pissed off. It's not healthy. For the people around me. I tried ignoring. Doesn't work. It ferments and poisons everything. I need to unleash the venom. For a while it used to be blogging. People read it, they are thankful they are not me and then move on. For me I am happy it is out there. Poison cyber space instead of my social circles.

This week I very eloquently called someone a cock sucker and the fact that it got them meant I had responded appropriately to their rubbish ways. To quote Fight Club: "Even babies don't sleep this peacefully."

I don't buy that whole being nice for the sake of being nice because it isn't always about people do to you but the way they behave overall. It bothers me that some people choose to behave recklessly. Speaking whatever they feel like, to whomever they feel like. Woe is me, hear me whimper. Fishing for sympathy at every opportunity. Those people need to be cut down to size. Calling someone a cock sucker in the most eloquent of ways left me feeling a particular satisfaction. The person in question knows I will not respond to tantrums in the manner expected. I will lash out if I feel you have crossed the boundaries of appropriate behaviour.

I should go to bed now.

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