Friday, February 17, 2012

Karma Police

Here is the big problem I have with Indian people who also happen to be Muslim. The great majority of them seem to worship at the alter of themselves and seem hell bent on manipulating the hell out of every situation until they prevail. Something must be wrong with our culture where parents investigate their children's partners and failing finding anything significant just make shit up.

That makes me angry. It makes me angry because people think this is perfectly acceptable behaviour. Just for the record it is not. There is no respect and now I refuse to be the one to abide by these traditional values of respect. I say rip it all down until we come to some arrangement where people learn to respect each other and not create drama for the sake of it or because you just want to feel special.

I need to vent because if I don't I will rip someone's head off and it probably wont be the person that deserves it. I am just tired of people running their mouths, making calls and behaving like sucktards and the whole world seems to accept it as par for the course.

Vent break.

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